Using a bass-bumping track from Party Favor and the hyperbolic hashtag #Catmageddon, the ad is essentially one second’s worth of information about the probability of a cats getting cancer in a smoker’s home. Plus a whole bunch of funny cats! That one cat is like a pirate! That one is playing a piano! That one is kicking a sheet over an ashtray as if he’s seen this commercial already! It’s like magic!  

As gaudy and manufactured as this commercial, and most other The Truthcommercials, is from beginning to end, there’s definitely nothing erroneous about angling a fear tactic at one’s pet, since some people will treat their animals better than children. Of course, those owners probably aren’t the kind of people who go off hot-boxing a car with the pet inside, but the spot’s viral-ability will likely give it a wide audience, where it can reach the true monsters out there.  

Video Edit

Truth Commercial 2016 CATmageddon Funny Cats01:13

Truth Commercial 2016 CATmageddon Funny Cats

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