Burmese is a companionable and adaptable cat that is renowned for its intelligent and pleasant nature

Physical CharactsticsEdit

The Burmese is a medium sised muscular cat with a straight rather than arched back. The American Burmese has a compact body, while the European Burmese has a more compact body. The Burmese come in 7 different colors, Sable, Blue, Champagne, Platinum (Lilac), Red, Cream, and Tortoiseshell.


The Thai Cat-Book Poems, written between 1350 and 1767, charactises the breed we now know as the Burmese as being "of magnificent appearance with shape the best, colored like copper, this cat is beautiful. The light of her eyes is as a shining ray." The founder of the modern breed was a brown female named Wong Mau. She was brought to the United States under obscure circumstances in 1930. Once in the United States, she was mated with a Seal Point Siamese. She had some Siamese blood in her, as apparent from her litters, she would be what now is called a Tonkinese. But the second and third generations of her offspring were crossed back to isolate the gene that produced the allover brown coloring of the classic Burmese. The breed was recognised in 1936, but withdrew in 1947 over dissagrements over the level of breeding with the Siamese. However it was reinstated in 1953. 

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