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A calico is a beautiful coat type. It looks like a white cat with black, brown and flame-colored patches. The calico's eyes can come in many colors, including blue, yellow, green and in between!

Different names for this coat color are tricolor cat, mi-ke, lapjeskat.

Diluted calicoesEdit

The diluted calico is also a type of calico coat pattern where black becomes dark gray, orange becomes pale tawny-ish, and brown becomes beige. Like normal calicos, their eyes can come in an array of colors.

Different names for diluted calicoes are calimanco or clouded tiger .

The Causing of CalicoesEdit

Mammals have 2 chromosomes, X and Y. A normal female cat has two X chromosomes and no Y chromosomes. Normal male cats have one X and one Y. It is the chromosomes that determine the gender of the cat. If the father passes on his X chromosome, it will be a female. If he passes on his Y chromosome, it will be a male. All female placental mammals have a "mosaic". This means they have random patches of X inactivation from one of their two X chromosomes.

Calico cats are ALMOST always female because the X determines the gender of the cat and females have two Xs. Because the Y carries NO color genetics, males are not really ever calico. The exception is when the male abnormally carries two X chromosomes and one Y. All male calicoes are sterile due to this.

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