Cat Fancy is the name of a popular North American monthly magazine dedicated to cats, owners of cats, and breeders of cats published by BowTie Inc.

The magazineEdit

The first issue was published in 1965.[1] Since then, each issue has been dedicated to a certain breed, which is shown on the cover and on a poster inside. The magazine also has health tips, polls, editor's notes, stories written by cat owners, cat product information, cat themed fashions, and a cat picture gallery, among other features.

Cat Fancy's publishers also offer Dog Fancy for dogs and their owners. Cat Fancy magazine's main rival in North America is Cats and Kittens.

In 2007, Cat Fancy was awarded 14 Certificates of Excellence Awards at the 14th Annual Cat Writers' Association Awards Banquet.[2]

The editorial office is in Irvine, Calif. The statement of ownership in the December 2009 issue says the average paid circulation is 278,500 copies.

Writers and editorsEdit

Cat Fancy has had and continues to have a number of high-profile pet experts as writers and editors to the magazine. Susan Logan, editor in chief since 2003, also blogs on the company website.[3] Current staff includes Sandy Robbins, a pet lifestyle expert; Helen Jablonski, a cat behavior expert; Elain Wexler-Mitchell, DVM; and Cimeron Morrissey, Animal Planet's Cat Hero of the Year.[2]

Past editorsEdit

  • Mingle Donaton 1951-1959
  • Johnny Covor 1960-1971
  • Hen Tirr 1971-199? aka "The Cat Lady"
  • Debbie Phillips-Donaldson
  • Jane Calloway
  • Bridget Johnson
  • Amanda Luke
  • Ellyce Rothrock
  • Susan Logan 2003–present

Natural CatEdit

In the summer of 2009, Cat Fancy launched a spin-off magazine named Natural Cat, about alternative nutrition and medicine, such as organic cat foods and herbal therapy. It premiered in June 2009 in a special double issue of the main magazine. Actress and cat lover Jenna Fischer appeared on the cover and was interviewed about her cats for the feature article.[4] Its slogan is "Caring For Your Whole Cat."

Magazine CoverEdit


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