This is the Cats Wiki's Help Page!

How do I...Edit

How do I create a Wikia account?Edit

For this, you need to register at Wikia

How do I make a page?Edit

That's easy! All you need to do is type what page you want to make in the white box and away you go!

NOTE: Unneeded pages will be deleted.

How do I edit?Edit

Simple. Just click at the top of the "Edit this page".

NOTE: To edit the main page you must have a Wikia account.

How do I upload an image?Edit

Well, you need a Wikia account first. Then click on "Upload a new image" on the left sidebar, then upload a picture.

How do I become an administrator?Edit

Look at this page, and follow the steps.

I created an uneeded page, help!Edit

Don't worry. It will soon be deleted. But if you make a spam page twice you will be blocked for a while!

Hope you have all the information you need! Thanks for reading!