As you all may know, some cats, depending on how long you've had them and how well you've treated them, can change in personalities and their attachment to you. If you pamper your cat(s) for their entire kittenhood, expect it to continue throughout their adulthood as well. If you love, care for, and give attention to your cat daily, it will grow attached to you, possibly so attached that it might just have to sleep in your bed in order to feel safe. Or on your neck, or possibly even scratch at and meow at your door in the middle of the morning if it feels needy and not in your general area, though this is mainly the case for kittens. Kittens will of course love and adore your affection, probably more than a grown adult cat, though in some cases not. All breeds, genders, and ages can range in their personality area. Not all breeds have a "set personality". All cats can make wonderful companions, if you let them and care for them well. Friends, companions, entertainment, and family.

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