Nyanko & other maneki neko

Nyanko-sensei with another maneki neko

Natsume Yuujinchou is an ongoing fantasy manga by Yuki Midorikawa, based around Takashi Natsume, accompanied by his bodyguard youkai, Nyanko-sensei in maneki neko form.

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Nyanko-sensei /MadaraEdit

Nyanko-sensei title

Nyanko-sensei with Natsume Yuujinchou title

His real name is Madara, but when he's in maneki neko form, he insists others to call him Nyanko-sensei or simply sensei (teacher). So far, only Takashi calls him this in the anime.

He takes the form of a maneki neko, round and cute (at least, according to him, however this also confirmed by Taki Tooru, Takashi's schoolmate). His maneki neko form is white, with an orange and grey marking on the top of his head and back, black eyes, wearing a red cat collar with a gold bell on his neck and has small red markings on his face.

In his original form, he is a colossal (so large he can cover Takashi underneath a single paw and his eye is larger than Takashi's head) wolf-like youkai with white fur, red markings on his face and gold eyes.

Like most youkai, his original form cannot be seen by people with little or no spiritual energy.

Madara form

Madara's true form

Riou / Kuro-neko (Black cat)Edit

Zoku riou & naynko

Nyanko-sensei with the black cat

In season two of the anime, another similarly looking maneki neko appears, only difference in colors. It is actually Riou, the lord of a forest, weakened after he got sealed by other exorcist, thus unable to appear in his true form.[1]


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