A point is a cat color pattern in which the "points", or extremities, are colored, while the rest of the body is a light tan. The most notable breed with this pattern is the Siamese, but other breeds with this pattern include the Himalayan, Balinese, Birman, Ragdoll, and Tonkinese.


The genetic basis for point coloration is in the tyrosinase "C" gene, which has 5 alleles: C = full color c = true albino ca = blue-eyed albino cs = Siamese pattern cb = Burmese pattern The full-color gene is dominant to the albino genes, which are dominant to the Siamese and Burmese genes.


The Tonkinese pattern happens when a cat has both a cs and a cb. The result is a "mink" appearance, with dark points and a medium-brown body.

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