Seychellois cat (female 6 months)
The Seychellois is a cross between a Siamese and a Tortie Point Persian. They come in both short and long hair versions.


  • 7th - Color patches on head, legs, and body
  • 8th - Colored tail, and color patches on legs and head
  • 9th - White with color on head an tail

Related Breed: Edit

The Seychellois may look like a Siamese but it's not the Seychellois is a hybrid pointed cat that is really similar to a siamese cat.
Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition (1955) - Clip Siamese Cat Song01:12

Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition (1955) - Clip Siamese Cat Song

CATS 101 - Oriental ENG06:09

CATS 101 - Oriental ENG

Origin: Edit

This cats origin is kinda rare because in 1955 someone crossed a tortie point Persian and a Siamese.
Siamese Cat Information Facts01:53

Siamese Cat Information Facts

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