Siamese Persian
Cat (Felis catus)
List of Cat Breeds

Siamese Persian Cats are a breed that was created in the 1980s by several breeders by combing the Siamese and Persian breeds. This has been done successfully although it is not yet a well known breed. One of the benefits, aside from the aesthetic value of combining these, is that many of the health issues found in either breed seemed to resolve quite well in the combination. The breed are known to be very sturdy with few of the complications found in most "pure" breeds. Only time will tell if that trait remains. Most of this new breed have seal point tips in brown, grey or blue with white to yellow/tan main coat. There are some very rare ones that are black coat. Almost all of them have blue eyes. They tend to be very strong natured animals that are loyal to their owners while retaining a sense of independence that seems to supersede even that of most other cats. The long coats tend to gather dirt and debris easily and hence this creature spending a lot of time in grooming. This can lead to a greater chance at hairballs and the consequent vomiting making it necessary to select an appropriate diet as remedy for such events.