Sometimes you find a cat that comes to your house sometimes. If this is common, that cat is most likely to be stray. If your cat even comes inside your house the cat will be happy to be your friend. If you have enough money to own a pet keep it! The cat's first owner might of let the cat go wild. If you feel like doing that do NOT do it! Take it to a shelter so your cat can go on a new adventure with a new owner. If you want to keep it, you don't know what it's first owner named it, so if you want you can give it a new name. The cat might not be fully trained yet so try to train your cat before taking it to the shelter.

Approaching a Stray Edit

When attempting to tame a stray you must remember two things.

  • There is also a possibility that this could be a feral cat. This type of cat has had no interactions with humans, making it more difficult to befriend.
  • This stray could have also developed feral-like traits, possibly from abuse. This could also make it difficult to befriend.

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