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    Cat film/video festival season is already happening. Here is the info for the Internet cat video festival schedule. Sorry, it’s US, Canada and Greece only but I’m going to find out and post more if the similar festival happen in other countries.


    • January 15, The Showbox, Seattle WA
    • January 16, The Knitting Factory, Spokane WA
    • January 17, The Knitting Factory, Boise ID
    • January 18, The Knitting Factory, Reno NV
    • January 19, The Uptown, Oakland CA
    • January 21, Arts Center, San Luis Obispo CA
    • January 24, The Federal Bar, Long Beach CA
    • January 25, The Echoplex, Los Angeles CA
    • January 25, The Cat Show Los Angeles(Art Exhibition), Los Angeles CA
    • February 2, Six D.O.G.S., Athens, Greece
    • February 14-15, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis TN
    • March 9, SXSW,…
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    Kitten Season is coming!

    February 20, 2014 by Kanakokanako

    Spring is almost here and you know what this means? Yes, the kitty season is coming!!
    The kitty season is the when cats give birth, which makes animal shelters get super busy and full of meowing kittens. They need good quality food, attention and of course, a lot of love. If you decide to adopt a kitty, I strongly encourage to either spay or neuter yours. That’s way we can avoid to have any homeless kitties. Check your local SPCA, they usually offer spay and neuter affordably. Also, please plan for your kitty’s feature.
    And please check Our Kitten Care Guide and Caring For a New Kittenpage. We provide lots of information of how to take care of kitten.
    If you want to share your tips or imformation about kitten and cats, feel free to edit and…

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    Hello cats lover!!

    August 7, 2013 by Kanakokanako

    Welcome cats wikia, your #1 cat info source. Feel free to write anything about cats.

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