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  • Miyanlove

    Tara, the family cat of the Triantafilo family, saved her boy owner, Jeremy from a dog that attacking him. What a brave cat! I guess this really gone viral now, even our news feed on mainpage, 4 out of 5 topics there, all about brave Tara. Go Tara go!

    • The Independent
    • ABC News
    • The Wire
    • TMZ
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  • Miyanlove

    International Cat Care, in conjunction with Your Cat and Digital Photographer magazines is looking for beautiful images of cats to feature in a 2015 calendar (and other published material) that will be sold to raise funds for the charity’s welfare work.

    The deadline entry is 25 July 2014.

    For more info, visit: International Cat Care Photography Competition

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  • Miyanlove

    How much does it cost to put microchip on our beloved kitties? In some country, microchip is a must for any pet owners, while some countries are very relaxed in this rule, maybe simply because too many stray animals out there, and the animal rights in those countries are very loose.

    Extra point for microchipping our kitties, a kitten that have been lost for 5 years have been founded recently, thanks to the microchip the kitten have. It's great that Charlie's owner listened to the veterinarian who convinced her to get a microchip when Charlie was a kitten.

    I can imagine how the owner felt when Charlie the cat went missing five years ago. When my kitty, Tama disappear, I was sad like for weeks, since I found him abandoned at shop and later taken…

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  • Miyanlove

    Yep, just like the title says, it caught my attention, this news clip from

    Poor kitty getting sent back to shelter after ONLY TWO DAYS he's adopted. The new and ex-adopter claimed Lenny farts all the time.

    Maybe those ex-adopter didn't know that cats DO farts too, only in Lenny case, he probably farting because all he want is to be let outdoor. Some psychology maybe, oh well.

    My kitties fart too, but they do this silently, and I always call them letting out the silent killer. It really smells but I still love them. Flatulens just a normal thing, we all do, just not all will admit when doing it :P As for my kitty (its actually Kuning mostly since he sleeps with me), he'll just act as if nothing happens and continue to sleep.

    So there …

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