Yep, just like the title says, it caught my attention, this news clip from

Poor kitty getting sent back to shelter after ONLY TWO DAYS he's adopted. The new and ex-adopter claimed Lenny farts all the time.

My opinion

Maybe those ex-adopter didn't know that cats DO farts too, only in Lenny case, he probably farting because all he want is to be let outdoor. Some psychology maybe, oh well.

My Kitties

My kitties fart too, but they do this silently, and I always call them letting out the silent killer. It really smells but I still love them. Flatulens just a normal thing, we all do, just not all will admit when doing it :P As for my kitty (its actually Kuning mostly since he sleeps with me), he'll just act as if nothing happens and continue to sleep.

So there you go, just my opinions on the news

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