How much does it cost to put microchip on our beloved kitties? In some country, microchip is a must for any pet owners, while some countries are very relaxed in this rule, maybe simply because too many stray animals out there, and the animal rights in those countries are very loose.

Extra point for microchipping our kitties, a kitten that have been lost for 5 years have been founded recently, thanks to the microchip the kitten have. It's great that Charlie's owner listened to the veterinarian who convinced her to get a microchip when Charlie was a kitten.

I can imagine how the owner felt when Charlie the cat went missing five years ago. When my kitty, Tama disappear, I was sad like for weeks, since I found him abandoned at shop and later taken him into my household. And there's no possibility for Tama to be found again, since he didn't get microchipped before. Its been 2 years already since Tama gone, I really miss him but there's no use crying over split milk.

So there you go, get your kitties microchipped before its too late. News respond to this article here.

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