November Klause

aka yoooo

  • I live in Hell with your Uncle
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Wiki Fanatic
  • I am a narly narwhal
  • November Klause

    This is a few terms i've invented for the fur colour of cats.

    Orange cats: Oranssi race

    Solid gray cats: Grau race

    White: Whiss race.

    Black: Schwarz race

    Calico cats: Calicot race

    Tabby cats: Tigre Race

    Oranssi: Finnish for Orange

    Grau: German for Gray

    Whiss: German for White. Originally spelled WhiB.

    Schwarz: German for Black

    Calicot: French for calico

    Tigre: French for Tabby

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  • November Klause

    This wiki is made from someone elses work. OFF ANORHER SITE! When you do that. people get pissed when they click those red links. there is no page on the links. i am also pissed when i see a wiki that is built off a WIKIPEDIA users work. Is this a CAt Wikipedia or a CAt wiki?! Seriously. November Klause, yep thats meh name, don't wear it out :)

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  • November Klause

    Cat's meow at editing

    February 24, 2012 by November Klause

    Sup, so some pages have been vandalized. just contact an admin. not me cause im not registered as an admin. But if you don't know how to edit pages. Just go to the sandbox & practice or hire me to edit for you. November Klause, yep thats meh name, don't wear it out :)

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