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    First there were the black and white panda dogs – now here is a kitten that resembles a red panda.

    The unique red, black and white colouring is not typical of any known breed of cat and has left the owner scratching her head in confusion.

    In a video posted on YouTube, ( she asks if her kitten is a ‘mutant’ or if the animal is perhaps a variant on a snowshoe breed.

    The cat’s owner revealed vets can’t agree where her colour comes from. W

    hile one vet verified that her coat ‘is not dyed 

    or bleached’, another wasn’t so sure.

    YouTube user Spot the Kitten said: ‘We took her to another vet and they say she might be dyed or a mutant… Dun dun dunnnnn,.. The only way to find out is to wait and see. What do you …

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  • RussianKittyLover

    Cat Kicker

    May 8, 2014 by RussianKittyLover
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  • RussianKittyLover

    This literally made my day.

    Ever had that thing where your cat goes missing for days, you spend ages making a poster and then they just show up again as if nothing ever happened?

    Well, spare a thought for this Cardiff cat owner, who was certainly outfoxed by their all-too-streetwise moggy.

    It has been suggested the cat in the picture is actually a twin brother or sister of the missing piebald, rather than simply sitting in outright mockery of the poster by its head.

    Hopefully, though, it’s actually just a happy ending – for the cat, the owner and the world of amazing pictures.

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  • RussianKittyLover

    Yep, this caught my eye too . Last year, Pisano, a city sanitation worker for Yonkers, had come across hanging bags of dead cats on the same tree branches, but there were only a couple of them, which made him think it was someone disposing of pets that had died naturally. This year, as Pisano and his crew went to clear the same woods, he spotted a line of bags that raised his suspicions. Even before starting the cleanup, he was drawn to them. They turned out to be dead cats that had been killed with a blow to the head

    "It was obvious," the 25-year-old Yonkers resident said. "Someone was going out of their way to kill cats."

    "I kind of had a feeling there were cats," he said. "But I thought, 'No way this is all cats.' Sure enough, they were a…

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    Happy Easter

    April 20, 2014 by RussianKittyLover

    A big part of Easter is food and flowers. But be picky when it comes to your cat. The FDA warns that easter lillies are toxic to cats. (Read more here: Also keep in mind that Easter Grass, while not fatal, can make a cat sick because of the dyes in it. While cats also enjoy bunnies, chocolate is also toxic to them, so keep them AWAY from the candy. If you want to give your cats a special treat for Easter, here is what I do. Since my cats eat dry food pellets all the time, I give them wet canned food as a special treat, and they LOVE it. Happy Easter

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